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A Better Way for Roswell Candidate for City Council

Successful Business Owner             Dedicated Husband & Father            Decorated Naval Aviator

Strong Leadership – V I S I O N

Roswell needs strong leaders with a VISION who truly represent the interests of the residents and business owners. I have a deep commitment to abide by the principles set out in Georgia’s constitution requiring government to be fair, impartial and solely for the good of the whole. Creating that vision is key to resolving many issues we see as areas to improve today. The reason Roswell has weak economic growth is a lack of vision among public officials who continue to allow developers to drive the city’s agenda based on what’s best for them. That is backwards! We need to be strategic in addressing blight, attracting quality, high-paying jobs, and be firm about appropriate densities for our neighborhoods. Successful cities have 3 things we have never had in Roswell … . A Vision … . A Roadmap to accomplish the vision … and a Strategic Economic Development arm that goes after accomplishing a consensus Vision with a vengeance.

    Benefits of a V I S I O N

  • Demand transparency in the public process and all city government.
  • Create unique destination places that are welcomed by the community.
  • Restrict unwanted high-density urbanization.
  • Protect the ambiance and charm of the historic district and historic assets.
  • Develop creative traffic solutions that do not include cut-throughs in residential areas that negatively affect the character and quality of life in our neighborhoods.
  • Demand traffic, public safety, and public infrastructure are addressed in a standardized process before any new development is approved.
  • See dying commercial zones redeveloped with enterprises that employ highly compensated workforces, strengthening the business tax base and the market for single family detached homes.
  • Better defining the ambiguities in the city’s development code will bring more clarity to everyone, but only an overall plan, one based on the resident’s vision will bring benefits to residents and developers.

It is important to look past campaign promises and consider the content of a candidate’s character as reflected in their actions.

I believe a person’s word is their bond and that sacred oaths are to be kept. When seated on the council my votes will be for the good of the whole, in fulfillment of the oath I have taken.

I stand for openness and transparency in government and will champion the right of all citizens to speak freely in the town square. Positive change requires active engagement and participation by the residents. I am asking for your vote.