I believe in protecting and enhancing Roswell’s character and quality of life. We must balance advances in ways that honor the things we love about Roswell:
Promote Common Sense Traffic Solutions

  • Reduce bottlenecks and traffic impediments.
  • Promote solutions to get regional traffic to flow on main arteries without interruption by local cross-traffic.
  • Connectivity should be defined as connecting destination places, NOT redirecting traffic through neighborhoods with cut-through streets.
  • Deploy state of the art traffic signal solutions to optimize traffic flow.
    Maintain Traditional Roswell Charm & Character

    • Protect the changes to the UDC passed in 2016 that protect established neighborhoods from high-density and out of character development. Preserve Roswell’s tree canopy.
    • Restore protections for the Historic District so that new development preserves the architectural integrity of the district.
    • Enhance our parks and neighborhoods through the strategic acquisition of conservation parcels.
    Create Destination Spots in Underutilized Retail Locations

    • Target quality development to underutilized and blighted locations, redeveloping the space to create destination spots.
    • Recruit quality businesses that want different aspects of the office space market – Class A and alternative workspaces, like collaborate or loft-style.
    • Foster a productive atmosphere for all quality business, small and large, so that more people can live, work and play in Roswell.